Expanding Nonprofit Fundraising Channels

Production Process Overview

Step 1: Sort and Pre-Sort The first step is to determine whether or not the item may have value and if the item is able to be sold through our channels of liquidation.

Step 2: Intake The second step is to add the item into our system. This includes recording the shipping measurement, inputting the appropriate price and bagging and tagging the item.

Step 3: Image The third step consists of taking appropriate photos of each item and uploading them to the hub

Step 4: Describe This step is simply describing the item so that it may be placed on our selling channels.

Step 5: Post Posting is a piece of the production process that is contained within our administration function. This step consists of checking the item one last time before posting it to our selling channels.

Step 6: Shelf Once an item is posted then it is ready to be shelved in our warehouse inventory.

Step 7: Payment The payment step is the second of the two steps in the production process that is an administration function. This step includes payment processing and fulfillment.

Step 8: Pull When an item is ready to be shipped, it must be pulled from our inventory.

Step 9: Pack Just before an item is shipped, it must be packaged properly.

Step 10: Ship The final step of the production process is shipping the item to the appropriate buyer.

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