Expanding Nonprofit Fundraising Channels


Monetizing material donations

MacHub is a division of McMinnville-based Swedemom Center of Giving (SCOG), which serves as a fund-raising engine for its Nonprofit Partners.

Our Partners – and SCOG itself – accept donations of non-cash items and assets. SCOG’s sophisticated online system uses proven technology to sell items at highest values in a global marketplace. High sales prices maximize proceeds to Partners and tax benefits to donors.

It truly is a WIN – WIN program for local citizens and Nonprofits.

Here's the story of MacHub and the Swedemom Center of Giving

Cami Nyquist
The MacHub pilot project grew out of a long-time McMinnville business named Swedemom, and the passionate mission of Swedemom owner Cami Nyquist.

As time came to close Swedemom as a for-profit business, Cami found resources to help convert her long-nurtured business into a Nonprofit to help other Nonprofits. Those resources include startup funds for the MacHub pilot project; a commitment by Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission to oversee and help fund the project; and formation of a new Nonprofit organization that became the Swedemom Center of Giving (SCOG).

Cami donated the extensive remaining inventory from her Swedemom business to give MacHub initial sales. She continues working to expand the scope of already-sophisticated Swedemom software to handle the needs of many SCOG clients.

In 2018, SCOG took over operation of MacHub from YCGRM, creating the new “MacHub Community Warehouse” to serve Limited Hub partners. YCGRM, which continues as a Limited Hub, was key in in allowing SCOG and MacHub to evolve into today’s wide-ranging program.

SCOG /MacHub provide Software/Sales services to:

“Hubs” locally, in Oregon and other states. Hubs are locations – often linked to thrift shop operations – where a Nonprofit Partner collects, produces and sells donated items using SCOG services.

“Limited Hubs” in and near Yamhill County. Limited Hubs are Nonprofit Partners that collect donated items and bring them to the MacHub Community Warehouse for production, sales and shipping by MacHub staff.

Personal Estates -- SCOG will work with families to sell valuable donated items.

Business Assets -- SCOG will work with businesses to sell valuable assets that no longer are needed.

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