Expanding Nonprofit Fundraising Channels


Monetizing material donations

MacHub accepts donations of non-cash items and assets and uses a sophisticated online system with proven technology to sell items at highest values in a global marketplace. Donors designate a MacHub Partner or other Nonprofit to receive net proceeds of those sales. High sales prices maximize proceeds to Nonprofit Partners and tax benefits to donors. It truly is a WIN – WIN program for local citizens and Nonprofits.

MacHub also partners with a Homeless Shelter to provide needed shelter and job opportunities for the homeless. MacHub is revolutionizing community fund-raising for our Partner Agencies by facilitating the sale of high-value contributions. We thank our supporters and we welcome your ongoing support of our efforts.

Here is a Flyer that you can download to better explain MacHub - Download MacHub Flyer.

Here's the Story

Cami Nyquist
The MacHub pilot project grew out of a long-time McMinnville business named Swedemom, and the passionate mission of Swedemom owner Cami Nyquist.

As the time came to close Swedemom as a for-profit business, Cami sought out resources to help convert her long- nurtured business into something that could benefit nonprofit organizations of all kinds. Those efforts found key ingredients: start-up funding for a MacHub pilot project; a commitment by the leaders of Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission to oversee and help fund the project; and a series of positive experiences with leaders of nonprofit organizations who quickly recognized the great potential of MacHub to help them with sustainable funding for their respective programs.

Months of planning and preparation led up to this week’s launch of MacHub. Cami has donated the extensive remaining inventory from her Swedemom business to give MacHub initial sales, and she continues working to expand the scope of already-sophisticated Swedemom software to handle the new needs of a MacHub program.

Local nonprofit organizations featured in this section have signed up to participate, and others are expected to join that list. MacHub uses proven technology to sell items at highest values in the global marketplace.

If all goes as Cami Nyquist and others hope and envision, MacHub will prove its merit in the course of this six- month pilot project, and will grow into an important local, regional, even national facilitator of nonprofit fundraising services.

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