Expanding Nonprofit Fundraising Channels

Everything a MacHub donor needs to know:

Who benefits from my donation of stuff?

Overall? 4 parties benefit from your donation: 1. The NPO of your choosing gets a percentage of the sales 2. We take a portion so that we can continue to fundraise for other NPOs worldwide 3. We team up with a local homeless shelter to provide jobs and work therapy programs 4. You receive a tax receipt for sales value of your gift, and you now have space for more stuff

What are my options when I drop off my donation?

You as the donor can either: A. Take a receipt and fill it out on your own B. Sign up to receive itemized lists via email and online for how much each item sells for C. Donate and ditch

When can I drop off my donations?

Click here to view our current donation days. Donations are made by appointment only.

Where do I bring my donations?

Click here to view a map to our location.

Can I split the proceeds of items among different NPOs?

Not yet, but you can assign specific items to one NPO, and support other NPOs with different items

What happens in the event that my donation doesn't sell?

If your contribution does not sell online, we will donate it to a nonprofit thrift shop or other appropriate cause. For high-value items that don’t sell, we will offer you the option of retrieving it.

Everything our Partner NPOs need to know:

How do we sign up?

Glad you asked! Checkout our Contact Information. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a partner please checkout the Partner Page.

How do we determine our share of sales proceeds?

We have 3 different levels for NPO Partner Agencies, determined by the role an NPO places in assisting MacHub operations. Partner revenue shares can range from about 50% to 70% of sales proceeds.  More detailed information on Partner levels is available on the Partner Page.