Donate to SCOG and its Nonprofit Partners

Our Partners – and SCOG itself – accept donations of non-cash items and assets. SCOG’s sophisticated online system uses proven technology to sell items at highest values in a global marketplace. High sales prices maximize proceeds to Partners and tax benefits to donors. 

Donors can contribute items directly to SCOG. Or, you can take your valuable items to one of the Partner organizations identified on this website. Some SCOG Partners operate full-service “Hubs” for sales and shipping of items; others are “Limited Hubs” that bring their donated items to MacHub for production, sales and shipment.

Donors receive fill-in receipts for donated items. Donors can request to receive real-time online access to actual sales of items in order to confirm donation values. 

Special programs for Estates / Business Assets

We have special programs for people with valuable personal Estates, and for businesses with high-value assets that no longer are needed. but unneeded, assets.

Question? Contact our SCOG / MacHub staff for information and assistance.

How can I Help?

Making a Donation

Bring your donations to MacHub, or check with one of our Partners to make donations to that Nonprofit group. The Swedemom fund-raising service works best for all Partners when donated items have values exceeding $50.

Volunteer at MacHub or one of our Partners

Looking for a way to give back to your community? Volunteering at the MacHub warehouse or helping one of our local Nonprofit Partners are great ways to get involved. MacHub is a Nonprofit helping other Nonprofits, so helping MacHub can help many local organizations.

Make a Cash Donation to MacHub

SCOG – doing business as MacHub – has strong community support because it helps Partners with their Nonprofit fund-raising. However, this also is an important time for MacHub to be financially stable in order to realize its dreams of helping other. Please consider making cash donations to help MacHub serve your community.

What type of items?

Have more items to give? We are always looking for your treasured collections. Items with higher value that we appreciate: decorative arts, collectibles, jewelry, small musical instruments, dolls and bears, toys and hobbies, cell phones and accessories, electrical and test equipment, and all vintage items. Remember items need to be shipped via UPS or USPS.

All of our items may be viewed and purchased directly via the Swedemom Website. We are in the process of converting the Swedemom site to represent MacHub, but for now think of Swedemom as MacHub.